In Search of Commercial Insurance?

Working with small businesses in MA and NH is something that we are truly passionate about at Boyd and Boufford Insurance Agency.  We work with small businesses in a wide variety of industries and provide them with full coverage for all of their commercial insurance needs.  If you are a small business looking for a committed, personal approach to your insurance needs, contact us today and see how our small agency can provide you with an above and beyond experience.

What We Offer:
As a business owner, we want you to focus on your business and we will make sure you have affordable coverage that supports your specific needs.  We offer all types of commercial insurance that businesses need.  The most common types of commercial insurance that business owners need are General Liability, Workers Comp, Commercial Auto, and Commercial Umbrella policies.  We also offer policies for Cyber Security, Environmental Site Liability,

Industries We Serve:
We service all commercial industries and our team knows how to guide business owners to the right policies and coverage for their specific needs.

Real Estate Insurance

We offer coverage for Investment Properties, Commercial Buildings, Retail Shopping Plazas, Industrial/Office Condominiums, Condominium D&O, Self Storage/Warehouse Space, Vacant Buildings, Builders Risk for New Construction, etc.

Automotive Industry Insurance

We have vast experience providing commercial insurance for Auto Body Shops, General Auto Repair Shops, Used Auto Sales, Garage Keepers Liability & Dealer Plates, Towing Operations, Auto Parts, Environmental Site Liability, Worker’s Compensation, etc.

Retail/Service Industry Insurance

We work with many clients in the retail or service industries to provide them quality insurance coverage and relationships.  If you are a restaurant, brewery, or vineyard business owner looking for the right insurance policy we are happy to work with you to find the right coverage for your specific needs.

Self Storage Insurance

The self storage business is unique, and our experience working with local businesses in the self storage industry gives our clients a personalized approach to their insurance coverage.

Construction Insurance

As a business in the construction industry, you have a wide variety of commercial insurance needs to protect your employees, automobiles, equipment, projects, and business.  We’ve worked with many construction companies and understand your specific needs and liabilities in order to help you get the most complete coverage for your business.